Sweet Dreams In This Cozy Woodland Nursery

I had so much fun designing and decorating Henry and George’s cozy woodland nursery! Oddly enough, I’m much more into the decorations for boys than girls. So I was excited to work my creative side and put together a space that not only suited my babies’ needs perfectly but was also a place where my husband and I would actually want to spend time. After years of trying to get pregnant and the amazing, yet overwhelming, possibilities that Pinterest offers, I had some ideas but decided on my cozy woodland nursery theme after figuring out my goals for the space: comfort, coziness and fun but not too ‘babyish’. I wanted it to be a room that could grow with the boys as they got older so I wouldn’t have to redecorate often to update it.

I am so happy with the way it turned out!! Our friend’s nine-year-old even said, “Awe, it’s so calming and nice in here.” I was all smiles! Here’s a list of my favorite things that bring together the look of the nursery and a couple sentences on why I love them so. {Stay tuned for a subsequent post on my favorite items that make our everyday life functional.} Click on the title for a link to where I purchased things, or where friends and family bought them as gifts. If you just want a quick list, scroll to the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Cozy Woodland Nursery Wall Colors

Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams
The wall color was by far the hardest decision I made! It would set the tone, literally and figuratively for the whole room so it had be just right. After debating this for weeks I found a picture on Pinterest and it was love at first site. The decision was made, one thick-striped wall and the rest would be plain. Now for the color dagnabbit…another lengthy decision! Not even joking, I probably spent a total of five hours at Sherwin Williams trying to decide on the colors. Finally I decided on Alpaca and Porcelain, they are PERFECTly cozy, comforting, happy and inviting.



Sweet Dreams in this Cozy Woodland Nursery

DaVinci Highland 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail in Chestnut with Natural
BEAUTIFUL!!! Simply stunning, perfect size…especially for two in one room…great price, and very functional since they turn into a toddler bed. I needed cribs that made a big impact without actually being big and I got exactly what I wanted with these.


La Baby Natural Vi 2-in-1 Crib Mattress with Quilt
There are literally a gazillion options for crib mattresses and it was super overwhelming to say the least. I did a lot of research on safety specs and ratings so I could keep that in mind during my quest. With that information on hand, I filtered my Amazon search by: our price point, 2-in-1 (an infant side (very firm) and a toddler side (firm)), they had to be Prime and finally coiled rather than foam. Whala I landed on this mattress which the boys seem to really love. It has just enough firmness that I feel it’s super safe but it’s still comfortable and the fabric is soft…sometimes momma forgets to transfer the wash to the dryer hehe.



BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner
The boys have recently started to move around in their sleep so I just put these on the boys’ cribs. To be honest, they were a little tricky to figure out and it took me longer than I expected. Once I got the system down, it went really smooth for the second one. I actually like that they’re plain and not overwhelming the room with a pattern. It’s also nice that if the boys end up face-forward against them that they can still breath…breathing is good. They come in lots of different colors and some patterns as well.




Sweet Jojo Designs Fitted Woodland Crib Sheet
I was a little nervous because there weren’t any reviews for these but they fit the theme and were a decent price. When they arrived, honestly I wasn’t impressed with the type of fabric because it seemed cheap. But, after a wash to soften them up, they are my favorite and perfect for this cozy woodland nurser…I’m buying more!


Miscellaneous Cozy Woodland Nursery Decorations

Woodland Mobile Felt Sewing Pattern
I saw these woodland mobiles online and it turns out mobiles can be extremely expensive! Times everything by two and the room can cost a fortune. So I skipped, well typed and clicked, on over to Etsy and found this lovely shop that sells patterns for little felt figures of every kind from hot air balloons to sea creatures. These were SO easy to make and I am sew, hehe, proud of them! I took a little walk around our property to find the branches, grabbed some fishing string from the garage and had my mom help eyeball the length to hang them!



Wood Pennant Banner
I knew I wanted something with the boys’ names on it and then came across these at Michael’s and was convinced they were the ticket with a little dressing up! With some wood stain, homemade stencils for lettering, white craft paint, a thick gold marker and a lazy afternoon, I put this banner together. The banners came out just the way I hoped they would! You can completely customize this, from the style of the banner to the type of lettering and string that holds it all together.

img_8078 Pillow Material
With all of the soft and neutral colors in the room, I wanted something with a POP to it! So I decided to use the pillow fabric to do this. is super amazing with TONS of styles, types of fabric and uber fun prints. These sassy yet classy additions added the perfect zest to the room!


Large Wood Frames from Michael’s
I love, love, love pictures and I actually get them printed to put in my house rather than just stashing them away in a file on the computer. So, of course I wanted to incorporate photos into the room. These frames hit the nail on the head for the cozy woodland nursery theme and the size I was looking for to fill the space. That said, I am super bummed that for the life of me I could not find these stinkers anywhere online. The link above goes to the Michael’s site for the Studio Decor Savannah Collection of frames. They’re not the exact frames that I got but this is one of my favorite brands and I have these frames all over the rest of my home.



Homemade and Sentimental Items
Incorporating homemade and sentimental touches were a MUST in my preparation for decorating the nursery! I love the personal touch and the stories that go along with each piece. Some of my absolute favorites include blankets from the grandmas and friends, and a piece of wood-burned art from my best bud and fellow twin momma. Something that’s not quite considered ‘homemade’ but is certainly sentimental is a pair of mounted deer horns that my husband and his dad hunted when he was eleven; the plaque underneath the horns says: ‘Spencer and Dad 1994.’ My father-in-law passed away a few years ago, so this is a great reminder and incorporation of my father-in-law into the room.

Rounding out the nursery is a homemade bookcase crafted by the boys’ Great Grandpa Wiggins who is extremely well versed in wood working. This sweet gift is the perfect home to all of the lovely books the boys have been gifted and the ones that will continue to fill it.





Personalized Stuffed Animals
There are three sets of stuffed animals that are particularly significant. These will be kept in keepsake boxes for George and Henry to have forever. First is a dynamic duo of exquisitely made and oh-so-adorable foxes, a gift from my sister. Check out these guys and other styles from Practically Penelope on Etsy. Then there’s the pair of bunnies that are well-dressed and perfectly proportioned for tiny hands to hold. The lovely Emily Stokes, one of my bests from college made these! She doesn’t sell them but she bought the kit to make them at Posie by Alicia Paulson. Finally, but certainly not least, are a couple of puppies that brought tears to my eyes. They were made from Spencer’s dad’s favorite shirts and given to H&G by Rod’s late wife. EVInspirations on Etsy made them and is a great place to get sentimental items of your own hand-crafted.



You. Are. Loved. Re-purposed Wood Wall Art from Nordstrom
These are a little pricey, the heart is sold separately, but I had a Nordstrom Note to use so I thought ‘what the heck’ and got them. They are a lovely touch to this cozy woodland nursery and the saying couldn’t be more perfect.


Woodland Illuminated Table Lamp
I wanted a table lamp to use instead of the overhead light to give us the option of illuminating the room but keeping it muted. As I wondered through Fred Meyer, this table lamp caught my eye. I love that it’s not too elaborate, carries on the cozy woodland nursery theme, has a nice soft glow and is compact, leaving plenty of space on the side table for my coffee cup and parenting magazine. If you don’t live near a Fred Meyer, I found these on Amazon and it’s even a ‘Prime’ item!



Wood Growth Chart Ruler
This is something that I wanted but forgot to put on my registry. Luckily, I have amazing friends that know me very well and this little number showed up on our doorstep! Our friends Steve and Karyn ordered this from the Paola Brown Shop on Etsy and I absolutely love the look and style with the boys’ names on it. It still needs to be hung up, but will add the perfect touch to the space and is something we’ll have forever.


Cozy Woodland Nursery Changing & Storage Station

Re-purposed Dresser for Changing Table
I knew I didn’t want a store-bought traditional changing table and we also needed additional storage, which brought me to re-purposing a dresser that we weren’t using. The top drawers have diapers and wipes in them, quick and easily accessible to refill the diaper caddy up top, and the other drawers are filled with clothes and some blankets. At first I was going to paint and “antique” it but decided to leave this piece as-is. There are some nicks and bumps from several moves but I figure it adds to the charm and with two boys, it’s going to get some more anyways!


Elk Drawer Knob Pulls
Since I was re-purposing the old dresser and keeping it the same color, I wanted to jazz it up just a bit and add the woodland flair. I decided to change out the drawer pulls for a simple yet fun impact on the design. Etsy is my go-to for things like this and it didn’t disappoint, this seller has all sorts of fun woodland and outdoorsy options.


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail
The sticker price is shocking for its size but let me tell you this, it is worth every. single. penny. You CANNOT smell anything coming out of this sucker!! As for the size, I wish they made one just a bit bigger but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of dastardly diapers that can fit in there! Get one and you won’t regret it.


Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad and Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

I thought I had bought two of the Infant Contoured Changing Pad (pictured below), to have one upstairs and one downstairs, but I didn’t so I got online real quick and ordered this four-sided one on accident. It turns out, both are awesome and I can see where the number of sides makes a difference as the babies get older. The one with two sides is fine for newborns and into infancy because they don’t squiggle a lot. Having more sides is nice to transition to now that they move more and need the extra “caging,” especially since we don’t have a table that encloses the pad with built-in edging.

Both pads have a belt to secure the baby if you need to get something across the room real quick. We ended up fastening this to the back of the dresser/changing table for an extra secure pad since we don’t have a lip on the dresser.


Burt’s Bees Baby Classic Stripe Changing Pad Cover
These are simple, super soft, fit perfectly and are exactly what I wanted…enough said.



SaraBear Diapering Organizer
My mom got two of these for us, one for downstairs and one for up. They are simple with just enough space for diapers, clippers, rash cream, saline nose spray and a few other items.



Cozy Woodland Nursery Seating & Storage

Dorel Asia Double Rocking Chair in Dark Taupe
Love, love and love some more!! Having twins, I knew I needed something wide to fit my double breastfeeding pillow on and someday sit and fit with both of my boys while reading to them. This is fantastic!! I would even recommend it for people with only one baby. At first it was a bit stiffer and not as cushy as I wanted but after a week or so of using it, it broke in nicely. This rocker was easy to assemble, didn’t brake the bank and totally makes the room cozy!


Baby Relax Hadley Nursery Storage Ottoman for Baby Gliders in Dark Taupe
I’m a firm believer that if you have a chair, you need an ottoman. It also serves as extra seating and additional storage…score!!



Poang Chair from Ikea
We have two of these and originally they were bought for our living room and family room. When it became apparent we needed another chair in the nursery we pulled one of these up temporarily and ended up LOVEing it! Just the right amount of rock and bounce for our littles to fall asleep in our arms and it’s super comfy to boot!


31 Gifts See-Through Storage Cube
These are expensive for their size but the see-thru window actually makes it worth it! Plus they were a gift from my lovely sister-in-law. I love these because I don’t have to pull them down from the shelf to find out what I put in them because I can see right through the side! Needless to say, I will purchase more of these when the boys get older and I need even more organization as they accumulate toys.


3 Sprouts Canvas Storage Bins
These fit perfectly into the cozy woodland nursery theme of the room and are super functional. I use one for storing extra crib sheets and liners, one for toys and another as a laundry basket. The canvas makes them lightweight as well as easy to clean and they are the perfect size. So, if woodland isn’t your theme, they have a lot of other animal options as well as other types of storage bins. My mom just purchased a canvas toy box from this company and it’s super cute and functional!



Quick List of Cozy Woodland Nursery Decor!

Cozy Woodland Nursery Wall Colors
Sherwin Williams

Sweet Dreams in this Cozy Woodland Nursery
DaVinci Highland 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail in Chestnut with Natural
La Baby Natural Vi 2-in-1 Mattress with Quilt
Sweet Jojo Designs Fitted Woodland Crib Sheet
BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner

Miscellaneous Cozy Woodland Nursery Decorations
You. Are. Loved. Re-purposed Wood Wall Art from Nordstrom
Fox Stuffed Animals by Practically Penelope
Rabbit Stuffed Animal Pattern from Posie
Puppy Stuffed Animals by EVInspirations
Large Wood Frames from Michael’s Pillow Material
Wood Pennant Banner
Woodland Mobile Felt Sewing Pattern
Wood Growth Chart Ruler
Woodland Illuminated Table Lamp
Wood Growth Chart Ruler

Cozy Woodland Nursery Changing Station
Elk Knob Drawer Pulls
SaraBear Diapering Organizer
Burt’s Bee’s Baby Classic Stripe Changing Pad Cover
Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad
Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad
Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Cozy Woodland Nursery Seating and Storage
Baby Relax Hadley Nursery Storage Ottoman for Baby Gliders in Dark Taupe
Dorel Asia Double Rocking Chair in Dark Taupe
Poang Chair from Ikea
31-Gifts See-Through Storage Cube
3 Sprouts Canvas Storage Bins

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